Get back control over your Strava feed.
STRAVINI offers a light and clean Strava experience.

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What it is

STRAVINI is an extension for Google Chrome. Once installed and enabled, just login on for STRAVINI to do its magic: now your feed has a clean UI, plus filtering and sorting options.

What it does



Huge fans of Strava here, the original one. Unfortunately the latest interface update tends to make it slow and less user friendly. Therefore this extension.

Does it work with other extensions such as StravistiX?
Yes! In fact we use both.

Why the name STRAVINI?
Because it's Italian design applied to Strava.

Who makes STRAVINI?
An athlete like you, passionate about tech and design. Here's my website and my Strava profile. Follow me if you like.


If you are happy with STRAVINI, please do consider a small donation. We'll keep improving it with a new sorting algorit by listening to its users.

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